About Me

“Quick Shawn” by Mila Theroux (my fiance)

I’m a writer.  At least in my head I am.  It doesn’t pay the bills. 

I’ve been a high school teacher, liquor store clerk, apartment lawnsboy, cafeteria worker, mental health worker, student, and I am only just over thirty. 

I created this blog as a place to post my work.  Most of them have been published.  Some of them will never be published.  Some of them will be sent out and nobody will take them.  Some of them are extensively rewritten.  Some of them are written in insomnia-induced bursts at three in the morning, never to be edited.  

My goals in life:  Do something other than teaching.  Write and get paid for it.  Be a solid father and husband.  Live permanently somewhere other than Michigan.  Be a genuine person and friend.  Take nothing for granted.  Stay alive for as long as possible.  Die contented.



7 responses to “About Me

  1. Embrace the carpet on the wall.

  2. The site’s very professional! Keep up the good work! diana zubiri

  3. cerebella

    OMG what kind of mental health worker!? were you a patient assistant? i bet you were i could so it! HERE HELP ME LIFT THIS WATER FOUNTAIN AND THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW

  4. Harold jabar

    . You are horrible people and should not be allowed near children or society in any form. This is all utter bs. I feel sorry for whomever is unfortunate to cross paths with your destructive lives. Stay away from my child and stay away from me, you creep me out. Go get lives. And stay the hell out of mine.

  5. Again, great to have your spammy presence all over my wall, Harold. When was I last in your life again?

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