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Black Friday

We’re done being thankful

My ego is barking from a barn
my selfishness is tearing a hole in my eyelids
my veins are splayed lines of bleeding consumers

The turkey’s in my pocket
waiting with the patience of the dead
for the gravy of massive deals

As the first snow drops in silence
and disappears before touching the asphalt
we don’t take notice
our eyes locked on fluorescent


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Scar Tissue in a Cosmic Holding Pattern

My state of being is only loosely held together
with thin pearly lines of something like hope
something I used to call optimism
before God hit me over the head with his floppy dick

My aortic valve and sigmoid colon came up missing
when I woke up in the slushy claw-footed tub
that is my waking life

She’s splayed out over an ocean of Tupperware

I can’t hear a word she’s saying
because the goddamn dishwasher sounds like a freight train

I assume she thinks sometimes about beating the shit out of me
and I have often thought that marriage is the greatest irony of all

I’m attached to her like scar tissue
and therefore I ask her where the green mustard is

she just shrugs

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The Buzzing Mirror

How would you feel
if you looked across the bar
and saw yourself, exactly
doing everything you do?

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