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Honey Taco


honey, grease up your taco

I’m diving in feet first
wearing blue raspberry edible undies
and smoking a bubble gum cigar

let’s make pb and j’s
with 12 nut bread
and name our babies after smurfs

let’s create steam
from vitamin D milk
and forget about the finances for once

we can poke around a bit
and wait for the grey carton of fresh eggs
that we can never, ever eat

honey, squeeze your bear head
whilst I deposit the mayonnaise
across your hot cross bun

let’s tie the twizzler knot
and stick around forever,
like that jar of vaseline
underneath the kitchen sink


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Invisible/ Invincible


So many things in the air hanging
chads leaders fates of nations
wireless signals satellite feeds
bad decisions misunderstandings

the man on the tower holding on
fingers tongues words lovers
music rapt audiences powerful drugs
incomplete dreams impossible futures

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