Detroit’s Forever Mayor

this is the ass of America
the little dark man says to me
sweeping his hand across the skyline
as if trying to dissipate the city like smoke

the gutter behind us quietly sucks down
last night’s rain, almost loud enough
to drown out the whirring of industry
surrounding us on all sides
like millions of beetles marching across wax paper

this is my domain, my dream
the little dark man whispers

looking down at him I see
a shriveled and surreal Joe Louis
presiding over his city and unable to smile


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3 responses to “Detroit’s Forever Mayor

  1. cerebella

    i’ve been reading poetry all day instead of writing it or making this colleague i’m supposed to be disciplining myself with today…one of my favourites was wildebeest (panic attack) by misener

    and than i came here
    to give you this:

    this (my personal FAV):

    and this:

  2. cerebella

    OMG MY HARD WERK =( here are the links to yr gifts :

    and this:

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