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We Are All In Jesus’ Kitchen

all around you there are sinners
loading chemicals and things
up their dry cracks
cramming things
into their mouths
and playing the lottery
in their hopeful minds


there are no such thing as angels


Jesus has eyes in your sock drawer
and at night he makes sounds
and you think it’s just
the house settling or
the humming of distant generators

yet it’s him
he’s there
crinkled up in the plastic bags
above the washer and dryer
watching and listening

he’s taking careful notes
regarding your credit score
your budgeting
your sex life
and your treatment of the animals-
even the ones chopped and frozen
in your freezer

you found heaven
in the squishy folds of a ripe
and Jesus saw that too

you almost made him smile


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Six Feet Over

turn the skyscrapers
upside down
to poke the earth
like dirty syringes

watch the worms
take to the air

I want my money back:
nobody told me outer space was a bad investment

please strap me loosely into my suit
and let me dig-dug underground for aliens

I want to see
what the beautiful women look like
when their nails are caked with dirt

I’ve paid my dues in this dimension
so show me where the rest of them are

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