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Laptop Sally

it’s with fuzzy fingers
that I finger you
my love

I wait for you to come
and I twitch away
with fingers fuzzy
and brain looped on pot

maybe I’ll step out
and catch a parliament
on the ghetto porch

I guess I can wait
out there
in the cold
with the comfort of smoke

but when I return
I expect you to yield a good one
my love

show me the letters
once again

I’ll take your guts away
in a thumb drive
wherever I go

but I’ll always return to you
and your glowing screen

*****this poem appears in Haggard and Halloo

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go she hi gra o e

We are not safe

We are the product of
salad shooters and
fried twinkies

We build foam walls
to keep the ethnics

We cringe vigilantly
at the turban-wearing


We are the sum total
of our bad credit
our sexual partners
and our drink tabs

We love our children
though we don’t understand them
at all

We revere our ancestors
but where they came from
is a blast to decide


We are the belly button
the buttock crease
and the shiny camel toe

We are channel 16
where local access
airs our cheap shadows


We are bombs bursting in air
and the rockets red glare

We are the flag
still there
in the corner of the garage
under the broken circular saw

(originally published in Haggard & Halloo)

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