I still look for toys at the bottom of my cereal

there are empty boxes
stacked like shipping crates
against every wall in my garage

the toucans and pirates and vampires
are tangible cardboard gods

I’m either straightening the rows
or re-imagining Arkanoid in three dimensions
with a marbled pink bouncy ball-
then stacking the mess once again

I forget my children’s names
or how many wives I’ve burnt through
but I have reached the unreachable:
memorizing the bar codes of every single box

all 1078 of them

I dream in bar code
while fuzzy memories of cartoon commercials
dominate my waking life like daydream ghosts

and I haven’t been off anti-depressants
since they stopped with the toys

I asked Captain Crunch
what’s the secret of happiness

he shrugged and referred me to Tony the Tiger
whose eternal optimism almost saved me



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One response to “Cerealism

  1. You’ve portrayed the scene so vividly that it’s as if, one by one, the toys materialize in front of me.

    “I dream in bar code”
    — Rarely does the thought occur to me, “man, I wish I could’ve written THAT line.” Well. Ahem. This is one of those rare times. 🙂 Kudos. Cheers.

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