Mystical Food Poisoning

powdered lime-aid broke me to my knees
pink polo shirt fuchsia sunrise
neon green upchuck
splattered oblong around and through
my body supplicating
to mother plastic, to mother nature
to their eternal cancerous battle

here’s to me
a spindle between nature
and injection molding
praying somewhat to oil refineries
and the pulsating mysteries within

oh god
oh captain crunch
how did you divvy up my flimsy soul?
what have I done to deserve
this silly putty brand of torture?

best to find a park bench
deep within cereal city
and meditate on it,
not without sugar


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One response to “Mystical Food Poisoning

  1. for some reasons this brings back memories of breakfast cereal, heaped with sugar and milk…scraping the sugar from the bottom of the bowl into each bite…

    that, and sadness. not sure why

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