The Art of Listening

this world orbits dimensions unsure of themselves
and these tiny creatures inside me rule everything

eyebrows raise while eyeballs fly
to the tune of the fourth stooge, an indomitable spirit
whose spit makes rain on our heads

his purple smoke fills dreams like paper balloons

the drive-through window is accepting hieroglyphs
and applications for unemployment in outer space
or sweet, sweet death for the happy scratch-off winners
with imploding mansions and cars melting into pudding

life has burrowed itself away in a discarded kiwi

there is nothing there
and therefore no need for a proper search (engine)

peanuts have become fuel for our time machines

the maestro is asking you to roll one up for him as well
and either you do or you don’t, it’s that simple


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One response to “The Art of Listening

  1. I love this one. Nice ending. Sounds like something I’d write. 🙂 I haven’t forget about our project, I’m a bit behind with some other previously committed projects but trust me ours is coming. And remember you work is always welcome over at Calliope Nerve.

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