His Thought Was Circular In Nature

I drove a stranger with self-proclaimed Asperger’s
and his hoarding artist wife
to a church down the street

I seem to attract special people
if only to jump their cars
and when the engines fail
I offer them rides

with his wife safely deposited
in the Lord’s house
he accompanied me to the grocer
to buy a Sunday paper

he elucidated for over ten minutes
while we waited for the train on Haslett road
regarding how his enigmatic understanding of music
prevented him from jamming with other people

about how everybody who played
saw music as only a means to an end:
groupies, fame, energetic release, a record contract

whereas his goals were obscured by an incessant need
to tinker and break the music down into a million pieces
looping over and over again in his obsessive brain

dropping him off at his front door
I offered for him to stop by and chat anytime

he reminded me that due to Asperger’s
he generally disliked socialization
and therefore had no friends except
Beethoven, Einstein, and Michelangelo

And with them he said
communication is only a one way street


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One response to “His Thought Was Circular In Nature

  1. tyler smith

    got here from your facebook. epic bookmark.

    this poem in particular gave me a sad/weird gut feeling.

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