Black Friday

We’re done being thankful

My ego is barking from a barn
my selfishness is tearing a hole in my eyelids
my veins are splayed lines of bleeding consumers

The turkey’s in my pocket
waiting with the patience of the dead
for the gravy of massive deals

As the first snow drops in silence
and disappears before touching the asphalt
we don’t take notice
our eyes locked on fluorescent



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4 responses to “Black Friday

  1. Kim

    wonderful. thanks for sharing this.

    this describes the move from fabricated thanks to reality very well…

  2. fogman

    I wrote a paper on that Rockwell painting once, concerning the second-level ideological significations built into its imagery. In a sense, how our eyes lock into pre-established, reinforced meanings that narrow vision, narrow outlook, and narrow values to an ideological reality wherein human subjects believe what power wants them to believe, act how power wants them to act. The end result? We become nationalized -patriotic consumers whose lives are dictated by wages. Which, of course, reads a lot of external stuff into your poem. But, in the final analysis, that’s what good poems do, right?

  3. Wow, I guess I picked out the right painting for this piece, then. Amazing connection there. We think alike. You even like Bell’s Beer. Do you get it out there in Vikingland?

  4. fogman

    Almost every restaurant I go to serves Two-Hearted Ale. Coincidence? I don’t think so. We see a few other Michigan beers too, but I’d rank our own Summit EPA above most of ’em. Except for Bell’s, of course. Good stuff.

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