Michael Jackson

They all go from geniuses to freaks
emerging from brilliant white closets
to faces painted white
they all go from geniuses to freaks

They pop out of nowhere like stray bubbles
and linger like steel memories around our heads
always there to hold and caress
when we need to feed, to talk about the others
stray bubbles shot from an imaginary flesh cannon

They recklessly dangle their babies from balconies
and dance on limousines at their own child molestation trials
and under the knife they squeeze themselves tight
allowing their souls to recklessly dangle

They die and drop from the stratosphere
to a thud that shakes the earth
and a huge splash of teardrop
as they drop straight from the stratosphere


Filed under poetry, published work

2 responses to “Michael Jackson

  1. Wow. This is your best piece all year man. I love it.

  2. Thanks. I wrote this one in like five minutes, so the praise surprised me. This was my reaction to his death, I wrote it literally the same hour I learned. . .

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