Fourth Meal

Swung by in a rush
for fast food Mexican

the voice inside the box
totaled me out
then asked one more
perplexing question:

“would you like to donate a dollar
to help end world hunger?”

I tried for a second
to reason out why this seemed insane
there’s something really ridiculous
in the idea of tacking on a buck
to my three dollar and seventy-nine cent
burrito combo
to help those who are starving

I’m starving
I thought
and that’s why I’m here
in this sticky cement drive thru lane

didn’t my first three dollars
already go to the cause?
isn’t world hunger a little weaker
once I have satisfied my own?

I asked the voice:
how many meals in all
does my dollar provide?

no hesitation in the response:
five meals for one child

oh wow-
I said, excited-
does this mean I can maybe get
one of those meals for like twenty cents
and just skip the three dollar one?

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