you’re a staunch tuna sandwich
a familiar mars bar
the drunk guy giving quarters to some floozy
at the end of the bar

you’re the reality
and the meth the billy brewed
in his moldy basement

you’re a dead dream
rolled up and decomposing
in the industrial park by the dam

oh melting molding city
you’ll forget me when I leave

and you’ll keep me warm
in your fungus folds
if I must stay in this
burly hole


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2 responses to “Lansing

  1. Love it. Living in a “post” industrial town myself, I can definitely relate as I dodge the drive by’s. I wish I had written it, the only think I think I’d change is I’d reword the last last line to

    “If I must stay in this black hole…”

    But hey that’s just me. 🙂

    Seriously though, great work as always. Hope you enjoyed Calliope 15.

  2. Personifications and metaphors used are awsome

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