Special Delivery (Deep Sea Project)


 ===painting:  Deep Sea Project, by Vladimir Kush

if you had seen me before I died
you would’ve seen me staring soft-faced
into that chipped ochre mirror

you would’ve found these body parts
stretched across oceans and seas
barely damp
fingers the size of skyscrapers in Dubai
beckoning toward outer space
my breath exploding through volcanoes
and deep-sea fissures

you would’ve found my heart
in the core of this planet
hard as a rock yet still thumping
and generating earthquakes
as my children orbit
spinning to a tune
awaiting the sun yet again

you would’ve found me in your mouth
or his or hers
speaking truth in even the most drab
and mundane situations

I was

when you thought I was gone
or even never existed
you saw that I was there all along


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