St Jude’s Valve


I woke up to find tubes stuffed into me
through new holes in my arms and chest

little blue machines sucked pink goo
from underneath my ribcage

beeping everywhere

an old man next to me
confused and tangled in his own tubes and wires

death nearby
I did the morphine dance with him
in his ghetto yellow hoody

a ticking in my chest
sectioning off the moments

I waited for more painkillers

*This poem originally published in Madswirl

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One response to “St Jude’s Valve

  1. Another nice one. It’s interesting to me for two people who have never met how many words we choose in our work that is the same. I wrote a piece about Jude too years ago (that I’m rewriting for my new book). If you like you can check it out here:

    Very different from yours. But sad just the same.

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