Legends In Our Skin

Altered at 16:
Mothership Connection,
tape deck,
Great Space Coaster.
We set the galactic sails
and that was that.

Me and the boys.
Starchild and Sir Nose
Bootsy, Glen, George, Eddie
all those cats.

We did the loose booty.
We had codenames
stuck to each others heads
next to the jukebox,
near the dirty balls and slides
in Burger King.

Our immortality was a given.
We wore Steely Dan armor and
fought off death with our bop guns.

We took to commando missions
late at night, climbing
into the Coaster dressed in all black.

It was small town Michigan.

We stormed Wilder Creek smoking lightning,
and climbed the nuclear grass piles
using wide-angle vision.

We felt the gravity of Ho Chi Min
and saw nature for the first time
stripped of our knowledge, infused with awe.

We saw the Devil’s remains twice, as a deer skull
and a pentagon of trees fallen outside of Albion.

We played four square with the Jolly Green Giant
until the sun collapsed,
when we would make our way
to the truck stop for apple pie.

-This poem is featured in Juice



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4 responses to “Legends In Our Skin

  1. Nice one here. Great title.

  2. Justin H.



    I just wanted to reiterate that I was attempting to be cordial at outsider writers.

    I get past a certain level of inebriation and things I intend as good natured come off all kinds of fucked up.

    Take care,

  3. Oh, I never thought for one second that you weren’t being cordial. I laughed out loud when I read it. Nothing to stress over. The internet is so fucked up because half the time smartasses like us get misinterpreted as being malicious even though we have hearts of gold. And the, even when we aren’t, we wonder if we are.

    Thanks for he concern though, man.


  4. Justin H.


    i figured you saw it that way. but you seem like a decent fellow with brains who isn’t choking on the jizm of their own ego.. and those types of people are few and far between… so i didn’t want to alienate you right off the bat.

    i don’t know what your network of poets is like, but i’m sponsoring a poetry contest of sorts, pass it along if you will:

    The 5$ poem sponsored by bud-light recyclables

    1: Send as many poems as you like to jjjjhyde@yahoo.com

    2: Please send them from a dummy email. I don’t want to be able to discern your identity from your email address. Also, no bios, no names at the bottom of the poems, just the poem.

    3: I have no preference for style or form.

    If your poem is chosen I will ask for your name and address and mail you a 5$ bill skimmed from a portion of my bud-light recyclables that month.

    The first 5$ poem will be posted on 9/1/07 at my blog: http://fdostoev.blogspot.com/ or, if my stellar social skills can pull it off, as an addendum to an already existing e-zine.

    Spread the word.

    Justin Hyde.

    *** No, this is not a joke in the traditional sense.

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