trompe l’oeil


Dropped into France with a cosmic vacuous THUD, slowly reaching to awareness to find an old friend married to an asshole. Their baby in hand, glasses knocked off from the distracted head, there is no money in the wallet and no wallet in the pocket. Unable to find a phone to call mom and beg methodically for money.

Venture outside and see the familiar hill that was supposed to be in Prague and realize that all foreign lands are the same if you haven’t been to them. All of the record shops are empty or clutching at straws. Obsess to ghostly women about having to be here nearly blind. A statue of a rearing horse behind a fuzzy pink park bench materializes again in front of the ascending grass.

Wake up on the south side of some declining city and say “At least my glasses are fine.”  A familiar woman laughs and slips on her dress, heading to work.

“trompe l’oeil” appears in Haggard & Halloo, June 22, 2007


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2 responses to “trompe l’oeil

  1. Makes me think of the time I went to France. I was by myself and didn’t have very much money. Plus I was extremely paranoid that my wallet and/or passport was going to get stolen.

    As far as this piece goes, it’s kind of flat. As far as I can tell, this is supposed to be about 2 things. 1.) Being in France and 2.) Your experience being in France. You need some more description and more elaboration. But you need to do so without aggrandizing either the country or yourself, which would be hard to do, for just about everyone has written about their epiphanies in France.

    • The piece has nothing to do with France, really. It’s simply a description, and a flat one at that, of a dream I had. I imagine it’s more vivid to me, and maybe I failed at conveying the color to the reader.

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