prelude to the sushi wars

riding a green bike from 1973
two warped tires somehow he
stays on a steady path
wicker basket full of fish
just pulled from the ocean

pocket full of giant matches
kerosene dreams in his waistband
vision of the woman he desires
keeping him company until the fire

only enough room for one sushi joint
in this town-
the father of his beloved had said

do you love her or not?
he winked with a serious frown


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One response to “prelude to the sushi wars

  1. sushi! bravo! any poem that uses sushi is OK in my book! (heehee) … [this is in response to a comment you left for me, so sorry if it sounds disjointed for the rest of the view audience] keep up the rhymes, the forms, the traditional verse! don’t worry what others might or might not say — usually they are much worse poets than critics and anyone can be a critic!

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