Hold the smoke in for as long as you can. Only exhale when you absolutely have to. As the smoke billows out of your mouth try to pretend you are a coughing elephant.

When the universe expands write it down quickly. Forget it just as quickly. Start over. Finish.

Imagine what “neon proactive flight patterns” are. Feel your brain wiggle and squish. Jump off the bridge and land in your underwear. Imagine you are Woody Allen and try to take the underwear off over your head.

Delight in pain. Shake loose from your freedom. Have passionate sex with ugliness. Inhale your exhalations. Massacre all of your loved ones. Dream you are awake. Sober up with red wine. Eat deadly poison. Regress into your future. Find what you never lost. Lose what you never had.

Cheat yourself. Unfold the glass mirror.

When it comes time to sleep, do so vigorously. Do nothing like a warrior. Reach inside from the inside-out. Reach out from the outside-in.

Soundkiller, murder with your words. Give sight to those with eyes.


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