she came from the supermarket:


thin pasta for her angel hair
olive eyes and red pimento pupils
macaroni salad mounds for breasts

she was fresh from the freezer

the smell of fish announced her
to weary travelers made of chicken bones
and businessmen drowning in
straightjackets carved from whale blubber

The bride of Uncle Ben
they serenaded
charged with money order energy

She beheaded the blind with a butter knife
and seared the wicked with a Foreman grill

only with the ajna chakra
would her true form arise unwrapped

to see her naked means an eternity
to those eternally baked

what is your pleasure?
brand name: Kali

(this work will soon appear in Word Riot)


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One response to “she came from the supermarket:

  1. Dude, this one is down right crazy!

    In a good way that is. 🙂

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