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the captain of this ship

We drank champagne pills and
glasses of carbonated vicodan and
danced the night (and our lives) away
to the tune of “Fantastic Voyage.”

We snorted cake and
chewed on imported coca leaves
and talked talked talked
‘till the authorities drove us North.


Good times are hard to hold on to,
like my sister’s lubricated fish.

It flops around her room and reminds us
of our inevitable deaths.

“Life is Just a Moment”
is next on her mixtape.
Who knows exactly
how much time we have left?

-“the captain of this ship” appears in Calliope Nerve X: Natural Born Poets


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Jorge’s Instructions

I loaded up my water cannon and my notebook
on the same day I rejected the thought about tossing pie in W’s face
but Jorge told me not to do it because they would probably shoot me dead
and I said who are they

the snipers, man, the snipers he said

(Nerf made the best water cannon in 1987, I kept it around for the right occasion)

how could they shoot me if all I had was
a bright red and yellow bazooka and water-supply backpack?

Jorge: how are they supposed to know it’s not acid?
biological warfare, dog
they’ll kill your ass in a second.

me: you’re absolutely right
I don’t wanna die today

put down the canon, bring the notebook
Jorge instructed

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