Poems in Dedication to the Whooshay #2

The Whooshay chews wax whales.
He extracts blue sugar water
and passes it on to the kids.

How benevolent is he?
He dedicates the process of plastic to YOU.

Open up your arms and be stuffed,
he chants.

Let your holes be filled with red licorice
white dildos
and blue suppositories.

Let them see your holy money.
Let them hear your words of consent.
Let them feel your green pleather jacket
and your Michael Jackson glove.

Everything you do is a-ok,
he assures you.

The Whooshay is a hero!

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One response to “Poems in Dedication to the Whooshay #2

  1. Really like how you incorporate twinkies and red licorice into your poetry. Do you have any thoughts about omelets? Looking for guest omelet reviewers.

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