Shoppers Dodge You

That’s how the mind works
he says
unwinding a twisted up plastic grocery bag
and fading away, into returnables

translucent flap curtains
tumble in his wake

the image is framed
by the coffee grinder to the right,
high shelves of tea to the left,
heavy fluorescents in heaven
and the yellow tile earth

You feel as if you are in
someone else’s body,
because you aren’t sure what’s happening
or how you got to be here

The world is rocked by a massive BING,
then a nasally voice:
0-1, please attend to the fire in meats,
once again, fire in meats, 0-1

And suddenly you are injected with dread,
running to the exits, which you can’t find

The Management loves
watching you run in circles,
which you do
for the duration of the night shift

Shoppers dodge you
and don’t complain


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2 responses to “Shoppers Dodge You

  1. When do you find time to right so prolifically? (Did I spell that right?) Anyway, your work is great. Please send more for Calliope. 🙂

  2. ha ha. . . it’s called unemployment. As soon as I get a real job the writing is gonna tail a bit. Thanks for the compliment. Did you get in touch with misti yet?

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