Bayo, Bayo, Bayo

In charge with his visa card and perfectly sculpted hair
squeaky duck feather boots dyed red white and blue
masturbating on youtube and graciously receiving
a bazillion hits a day. Bayo, Bayo, Bayo, say it again. . .
Bayo, Bayo, Bayo.

Chalupa plastic shavings for a beard
I saw him working security detail
in a scruffy Detroit parking lot
ran by an angry Turkish man.

Bayo, Bayo, Bayo, I said
hypnotizing him so I wouldn’t have to pay
ten dollars just to park.
Bayo, Bayo, Bayo, he replied,
feeling the six-shooter in his pants.

Vibe with your laptop,
chuck it with friends.
Bayo, Bayo, Bayo,
again and again.

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