phlegm pets

There’s a congested tiger shark
in my head sneezing,
an untamed lion in my chest
somewhere amongst them
I rest, restless and



Filed under poetry

3 responses to “phlegm pets

  1. Another nice one.

    I have to ask, are you unemployed?

  2. yes- I’ve been a teacher in the Lansing School District for five years – a pretty good one – and last month I was cut out. We’re losing students alarmingly fast in the urban areas of Michigan. People are heading South. I would be too, but I know a secret. After the shit hits the fan, Michigan is gonna be the place to be. Lots of woods, giant freshwater lakes, and a cooler climate when anything south of Tennessee becomes unbearably hot. Apocalypse scenario. I just need to buy land here. And a gun. Haha.

  3. Sorry to hear about your job. I’ll keep you in my thoughts. I’m praying that my job situation will allow me to return to school (I don’t have a degree) but unfortunately the rent doesn’t pay itself. 🙂

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