Desire is the excitement of being lost
in a tall forest populated by miniature bears
and oversized hamsters.

Desire is finely sliced cheddar, dyed,
pretending to be grass in a clearing
near the center of the woods.

Desire is flight,
or at least the prolonged superjumps
that can be taken over buildings and cornfields.

Desire is the twisting staircase
leading forever upward
in chase of a beautiful and dark premonition.

Desire is realizing the dream,
acknowledging it’s lucid limbs,
and founding better holograms.

Desire is reaching for the fading image
as it flickers away
amidst white lightning thoughts on all sides.

Desire is the warm body close
when eyes are heaved open and the sun
bounces from the snow to the ceiling

Desire is her voice:
not speaking words as she stands,
just emotional grunts and sighs of need.

Desire is the sound of water
funneling from the shower and bouncing
off her skin, heard from the bedroom.

Desire is the wish to never leave bed,
to call her back before she dresses
and not let her go to work.


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