go suck an egg schrodinger

you must be fantastic and terrible
all at once because I can’t see you
hear or smell you
you’re like the cat in the box
with the poison gas
fate resting on the strength of an atom
you could be here or gone
when I finally slide open the viewer
gas mask on, of course. . .
you said you’d take me from my head
yet you never let me in on
where we were going
so I read on and suffered through
thousands of fresh minted pages
at first it felt like Christmas
with gifts like walls around the tree
yet I soon figured out
each present was an empty box
stinking of closed space
and musty old professors



Filed under poetry

3 responses to “go suck an egg schrodinger

  1. Tara

    So Erwin didn’t impress you, huh?

  2. Oh no, anybody who can handle quantum theory and contribute significantly to the science has an impressive brain. This poem is, I guess, just a statement of my frustration with trying to understand the hard science. I’m horribly right brained, so the theories sound pretty, but so many times I get lost in the equations and math and so forth.

  3. Tara

    ahhh. makes sense. 🙂

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