Dumb Frogs, Sad Faces

Dumb frogs
sad faces
vibrant yellows
wicked greens under the sea
waving at me
death by chain and heavy load
pain in the side
the swaying motion of grey tides
who care not
we care a lot they say
we all die someday
and it feels like the ocean
flipped to the ocean
singing twirls in fez caps
repetition of a single word
drown your ass out
send you back to where you ended
give or take a million years
the fish are your friends
your brain is your enemy
just escape and merge with color
and you’ll arrive there someday
whether whole
or in pieces scattered over these acres
give it time
to fill the hole in soul
to collapse your memory
to breathe with your fingers
to keep one hologram as real.

* “Dumb Frogs, Sad Faces” appeared in decomP,  April 2007


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